simone venable
full name simone adelie venable occupation actress & musician date of birth november 23rd, 1987 hometown flatbush, brooklyn, ny current residence manhattan, ny & clinton hill, ny relationship status single
Anomaly (n.): something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected. See also: Simone Venable.


  • Proud owner of an Alaskan Klee Kai named George and a Blizzard Corn Snake named William "Bill" Snakespeare
  • openly bisexual, but notoriously private about her romantic life and (admittedly) awful track record
  • has a long, diagonal scar on her back from a bike accident, a burn scar on her wrist from playing with illegal fireworks, a 3cm dented scar on her forehead from a hairline skull fracture, and one shaped vaguely like a question mark on her shin, origins unknown
  • lived with juno costar ana king for 7 years; now they're neighbors
  • terrified of birds, airplanes, and tight spaces; elevators and bugs make her "wildly uncomfortable"
  • has smoked the same brand of cigarettes since high school
  • was let go from the broadway production of the lion king at 11 when she grew too tall for the role
  • arrested in december 2014 at a #blacklivesmatter demonstration for disorderly conduct
  • loves to cook, but has also been known to choose dollar store cereal over a home-cooked meal without hesitation
  • suffers from an anxiety disorder
  • got her first tattoo in 2004 and lost count of them in 2012. significant ones include: a small elephant near her belly button, lotus on her back, 718 behind her left ear, stick figures drawn by her niece and nephew near her right elbow, "oh, what a lovely, precious dream" under her right collarbone, ana king's brain waves on her ribcage, mehndi-inspired design on her right hand, tiny solar system and alien emoji on her left wrist.

  • film (2017) valerian and the city of a thousand planets
    (2016) star trek 3 ... sofia boutella's role
    (2016) the neon demon ... jena malone's role
    (2016) birth of a nation ... cherry
    (2015) miles ahead ... frances taylor
    (2015) dope ... nakia
    (2015) mad max: fury road ... toast the knowing
    (2013) jimi: all is by my side ... ida
    (2011) shame ... marianne
    (2011) larry crowne ... talia francesco
    (2007) juno ... leah
    television (2013, 10 episodes) californication ... faith
    (2008-2012) gossip girl ... georgina sparks
    (2008, 2 episodes) grey's anatomy ... beth monroe
    (2006, 1 episode) house ... tracy
    stage (2006-2008) spring awakening (broadway) ... ilse
    (2006) spring awakening (off-broadway) ... ilse
    (1996-1999) the lion king (broadway) ... young nala
    music tetra
    (2015) everyfuckinday
    (2014) calm down
    (2014) tetra ep

    flight risk
    (2011) post empire