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    #DOPE in theatres 6/19 (x)
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    so are we gonna talk about these potential nudes or??? ? ? ?
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    "Gossip Girl" alum cast in Refn Horror Film

    As some of us might remember, Nicolas Winding Refn was rumored to be making a horror film last year called "I Walk With the Dead" starring British darling, Carey Mulligan. Apparently that film is still being made, except now it's called "The Neon Demon" and it's got quite an interesting cast: Keanu Reeves, Elle Fanning, Abbey Lee, and now Simone Venable of "Gossip Girl" fame. Everyone is being suspiciously silent about plot details, but many sites have reported it to be "a cross between 'Alive' and 'Drop Dead Gorgeous'," about "a group of supermodels going to extremes in their attempts to keep looking the way they do" including "voodoo and cannibalism." Here's what Refn has said:
    "One morning I woke and realized I was both surrounded and dominated by women. Strangely, a sudden urge was planted in me to make a horror film about vicious beauty."
    Also, from his wife:
    "He has always wanted to do a horror movie. That was the same with 'Valhalla Rising,' a Viking movie. He has the idea about 10 years before he makes it, so I think it’s an idea he has had for many, many years. To do a film like that he thinks, ‘I need to do a Viking movie, or a horror movie, or this and that movie.’ He has to get it out of his system to move on to do another movie," Corfixen said. As for what it's about? "I don’t know yet. Maybe it's about spirituality but I’m not sure."
    Production is slated to begin this month in Los Angeles. What do we think, fangsters? At least the soundtrack should be great, right?
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    "there's an argument, or a sort of attitude, a mindset, i guess, among certain people... there's this idea that activism on social media isn't "real activism," that it isn't worth anything, and i think that's bullshit, and that's the kind of thinking that hinders us from making greater strides. it's not about real versus fake activism- what even is that? so what if everybody doesn't have the capacity, or doesn't have the means, or they can't leave work or school to march and be physically involved? i marched, yes. i was arrested, yes. but i wasn't on-site [in ferguson], so does that mean i believe in this any less than people who were? absolutely not. we have these amazing- fucking amazing tools at our hands now that the generations before us weren't lucky enough to use. the spread of information via twitter or instagram is honestly unbelievable. if i don't know my schedule, someone on twitter will be able to tell me before my ow team can. and you're trying to say that that's not effective? that [the internet] isn't an integral part of social progress? get the fuck out of here. kick rocks. as soon as you hit that retweet button, as soon as you share that picture, as soon as you broadcast to your friends or your circle that you believe in and stand by a certain cause, you're a fucking activist. you are an integral, and useful, and completely necessary piece of something huge, and i applaud you."

    -- simone venable, complex magazine april/may 2015
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    went to the tetra concert thinking it would be fun and ended up having the time of my life. simone is soooo pretty in person, she sounded GREAT, and she bought drinks for everybody who bought merch before she left (to go to KOD, which i really can't blame her for lol!!!) i didn't get a picture with her, but she sang and breathed in my face which is even better anyway, i should've pulled out a ziploc bag like that guy who sold the air from the kanye show. anyway, there's some other vids on my IG but these are my faves, please ignore my sister's crazy ass face and voice in that second one. ps, i didn't even know who twin shadow was before that night but he was cool too, and SO FINE. go buy his music on itunes.
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    Anybody else hype for this movie? My body and soul are sooo ready for:
    a) A feel-good, fun, relatable film for young black people
    b) These dope ass visuals (yall know I'm a nerd, don't start)
    c) Simone's box braids, giving me L I F E
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    spotted: simone venable of tetra rocking a burberry prorsum jacket at sxsw